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Jason E. Sifuentes

I've been working in the Interactive Multimedia field since 2001 utilizing multiple design/development tools across multiple design/development disciplines with various types of Multimedia devices. The past few years, I've been specializing in Full-Stack Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality Design, and Engineering utilizing the Unity 3D game engine with various Reality SDK’s and devices. Recently, I was a member of a Product Research and Development team, in which I was responsible for simulating multiple conditions, utilizing multiple devices, and SDK's Utilizing the with the 3D Game Engine.

Please feel free to scroll down, and go through a brief collection of my recent client, Research and Development projects, and experiences I've developed. When selected, each project either has a link to a gallery component of screenshots, or a URL to view or download.

Please enjoy
--Jason E. Sifuentes

You can contact me on Facebook, email at jason706@majesticcreativestudio.com, or LinkedIn
and my resume is here.

Most Recent Collective Work

In My Eyes

A Unity built immersive virtual and augmented reality experience for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals that simulates what life could look like with three retinal eye conditions. It shows what symptoms look like from a patient’s perspective to enhance disease education, empathy, and communication.

Behind The Scenes

Internal Case Study

Award Credits

Available here: App Store and Google Play Store

Hololens Schizophrenia simulator for EMD AR/VR Hackathon

Participated in the EMD AR/VR Hackathon in Austin, TX to use Unity and Visual Studio on the Microsoft Hololens to create a Schizophrenic episode simulator. Developed using recorded audio clips that get triggered by Unity Audio Coliders, and has a voice command function to load a new set of random audio clips based on the users walking path, which is visually layed out by the application.

POV through the Hololens

Novocure Pixelsense experience

Conference focused experience Developed in Microsoft Blend with XAML driven backend utilizing the Object Recognition features of the Microsoft Pixelsense multi-touch table, formerly known as Microsoft Surface, to communicate the features and capabilities of the Novocure brain tumor treatment device.

Novocure Internal Promotional Video

Structure Scanner and Zspace Platform Pitch for Galderma Laboratories

Pitch piece for Galderma utilizing a Structure 3D Scanner to scan the subject, Unity to develop the Zspace environment to publish to the Zspace platform, which is an interactive head tracking based stereo 3D based viewing display, that allows the user to interact with content that can be pulled off the screen.

Building the Galderma Pitch Project

AR Migraine Simulation

Unity built Augmented Reality Research and Development project to simulate what Migraine Visual Auras look like.

Lemtrada VR Shooter Experiment

Unity built Research and Development project utilizing the Google Cardboard SDK on a Google Cardboard headset to simulate a user driven shooter game experience.

SVVR 2017

Attended the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Expo in San Jose, CA. Had the opportunity to test and experience the next wave of Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality devices, accesories, and software that are going to debut in the next year.

SVVR 2017 Gallery

Client Demonstration Environment Experience

Setup, staged, and presented technology demonstrations for clients, showcasing the devices, and technological capabilities of the team I was on at the time.

Client Demonstration Gallery

Fun with the Eclipse

Shot the recent eclipse event on the Longview Lake Damn pier with a Canon EOS Rebel T6 with a 300mm lens behind a shade 10 welders mask, sorry, only 98% totality.

Eclipse Gallery